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National Communication Council: New sanctions slammed on Media Organs, Journalists for breach professional ethics

26 September 2017 No Comment

NCC President Peter Essoka

By Theodore M. Ndze
Cameroon’s National Communication Council (NCC) has slammed sanctions on several Media Organs and Journalists for violating ethical rules and deontology of the Journalism profession in the country.
Meeting in its 18th ordinary session September 12, 2017 in Yaoundé, the Council examined 24 cases and petitions against ailing Journalists and their media organs.
A Press Release issued September 21, 2017 by NCC President, Peter Essoka, detailed the decisions taken at the end of deliberations. The Council sanctioned 21 media houses found guilty for various professional offences. It also suspended over six Journalists for none respect of ethics and deontology.
The following media organs received three months suspension: La Meteo,  L’Epervier, Matila, L’ Anecdote, La Tornade, Generation Libre, La Tribune de l’Est Economie, La Scene and L’Eveil Republicain Libre.
The Publisher of La Primeur de l’Info Plus newspaper also received three months suspension.
While La Meteo newspaper and its Publisher were suspended by the Council for three months for the publication of unfounded information and defamation in a petition filed by the General Manager of Semme Mineral Water, Seme Noungon, a Journaliste of L’Anecdote newspaper, Martial Thaddee Owona got a one month suspension in a similar petition from the Semme Mineral Water General Manager.
The newspaper La Nouvelle and its Publisher also got three months suspension in a petition from the General Manager of the Cameroon Real Estate Corporation.
After examining a petition from the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Ngole Philip Ngwese against the La Primeur de L’Info Plus newspaper for publishing false information on alleged embezzlement of funds for a project by the Minister, the Council suspended the newspaper and its Publisher for three months.
The Council also received petitions from amongst others from General Pierre Semengue, the President of the Cameroon Professional Football League, Ace Footballer, Samuel Eto’o Fils, Hon. Isaac Ngahane, Ngo’o Cyprus – Douala Ports Authority General Manager and Noel Alain Mekulu Mvondo Akame, the General Manager of the National Social Insurance Fund. In all the cases, the media organs were found guilty and sanctioned accordingly.
The NCC also took time off to examine another petition against La Meteo newspaper over an article published concerning the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. After careful examination, the Council suspended the newspaper again for one month, its Publisher and the author of the article, Cedric Mbida. The said article had to do with some image tarnishing of the Secretary General in the attributions of projects for AFCON 2019.
Meantime, a radio station, Amplitude FM, also got three months suspension together with two of its programmes – Investigation and Embouteillage.
The Council equally issued a warning note to the Publisher of La Nouvelle Expression newspaper Séverin Tchounkeu, who failed to respect the summons of the NCC, in a petition brought against him and his newspaper by Barrister Philip Forsang Ndikum for defamation.
Over half a dozen Journalists were also found guilty for lack of ethics and deontology in the exercise of the journalism profession in Cameroon and suspended for a period of three months. These include Martinez Zogo and Dominque Tita of Amplitude FM, James Bouma and Max de Kemka of l’ Epervier newspaper, Yves Marc Kamoun of La Meteo and Martial T. Owono of l’Anecdote newspapers.
The case pitting the Director of the Laquintinie hospital in Douala, Louis Richard Njock against the newspaper “ADES-INFOS” received the most severe penalty from the NCC as the tabloid and its Publisher were all suspended for six-months from the practice of the journalism profession in Cameroon.
A petition from the Minister of the Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, Hele Pierre against “L’Eveil Républicain Libre” newspaper was dismissed by the NCC.

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