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26 September 2017 No Comment

Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle

By Barrister Nico Halle
Father of glory, we come before You with heartfelt petitions as those who, though unworthy, have been justified and ransomed by Your grace.
Father of peace, wethank You for our relationship with You which gives us confident assurance that You hear us always when we come to You in prayer with contrite hearts.
Father God, we praise You and declare that Your name is hallowed in all the earth and we bless and exalt Your name for You are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent- the Alpha and the Omega.
Gracious Father, You who are thelover of all mankind,know best how Cameroon, Africa and the world at large have been bedevilled by a series of unrest, conflicts, wars, chaos, anarchy, misery, persecution, poverty, unemployment, favouritism – in short, moral decadence in all its forms.
God of peace and mercy, we confess that you are the only Guarantor of our tranquillity, joy and existence.
God of all consolation, You know best the difficulties thatCameroon is going through, especially turmoil in the North West and South West Regions which has paralysed educational activities,business and family activities, insecurity in the Far North Region as a result of the Boko Haram phenomenon which has taken away so many of your children, and rampant road accidents which are seemingly claiming lives on a daily basis.
Father of light we profess that you are not the author of evil and confusion, but of peace and goodness. Father we thank You because You delight in showing mercy and grace that triumph over all calamity.
We thank you Father God that in Your mercy You do not impute the sins of the world against the world, both those we have committed and are still committing. We pray that You will raise and commission ministers of integrity who will reach every part of Cameroon, Africa and the world with knowledge of who You truly are and what Your grace has always accomplished for us.
Father of mercy, in II Chronicles 7:14 the Scriptures assures us that if we Your children who are called by Your name humble ourselves and pray seeking Your face, and turn away from our wicked ways and sins; then You will hear us from heaven, pardon our sins and heal Your people.
Father of love, in view of the infinite riches of Your mercy, we kneel before You, owning up and expressing godly sorrow for the wicked deeds which we have done.
Exalted Father we come before you with supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving for all the peoples of the world. Father we pray for those who exercise all forms of authority on your people that You will give them heavenly wisdom to administer your people in the fear of You for King Solomon informs us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.This week marks the 72nd UN General Assembly which shall be attended by most world leaders; we pray you to touch their hearts and engineers discussion/resolutions which shall promote peace and global security.
Blessed Father, it ison bended knees that wecall on you to come on board and deliver your children from this unrest the world over. Father we trust that through your grace we are already forgiven and blessedand that all the peoples of Cameroon, Africa and the world, from all religious and ethnic backgrounds will experience Your love.
Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.

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