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2.500 Ambazonians storm UN demanding restoration` – Handful of CPDM supporters also in attendance

26 September 2017 No Comment

Ambazonians at the United Nations, NewYork last week

By George Akum
A mammoth crowd of Ambazonians from all over the United States of America and across the board, numbering over 2.500 accompanied by Takumbengs last week stormed the United Nations to plead their case of restoration against La Republique du Cameroun for the annexation of the statehood of Southern Cameroons.
Led by the President of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia Governing Council Sesekou Julius Ayuk Tabe, the 2.500 strong force dressed in blue and white, colour of Ambazonia flag thronged the UN to send their message across in speeches, display of despicable photos of murdered English-speaking Cameroonians by security forces in the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon and Biya’s unwillingness to address the vexing issues rocking the nation.
A coffin was also carried alongside to show the depth of the crisis in Anglophone Cameroon where most schools are still to reopen and the courts in the South West and North West Regions being boycotted by Common Law Lawyers since November last year.
Comparatively, a handful of CPDM militants supporting President Paul Biya turned up with police maintaining peace and ensuring that there was no meeting point between the groups, though one was insignificant in numbers.
The two groups later on moved to President Biya’s hotel where the Ambazonians made disturbing speeches directed at Biya, recounting the sorry state of the nation and demanding answers to the numerous questions about Cameroon and the urgent need for restoration.
The Star gathered the huge numbers of Ambazonians equally stunned the Head of State who may now believe that his collaborators have been deceiving him each time he sends them out.

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