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Terrorists scare rocks Cameroon: 3 bombs explode in Bamenda, 1 in Douala within 3 weeks

26 September 2017 No Comment

Photo of locally made bomb in Bamenda

By Betangacho Lekelefac
Bamenda, a once peaceful and welcoming town of Cameroon is becoming dreadful, especially with the beginning of the social unrest in the country captioned“The Anglophone Crisis”. Since November 2016 that the Anglophone problem gained popularity, the town of Bamenda has been moving from one manifestation to another, necessitating peace keeping forces. Presently, Bamenda could be likened to a military barrack considering the number of law enforcement agents deployed in that town. Ironically, this has created no impact as severe incidents keep occurring, thereby putting to question the presence of military men in the town.
On Thursday September 21, 2017, at 8:30am, a bomb was detonated next to the Regional Hospital, Bamenda, injuring three elements of the police force in the persons of Senior Police Constable Anye Andang Justin, with serious fractures in the arm and one in the tibia, Police Constables Tokou Joël and Biamou Loïc, victims of trauma and post-explosive concussions according to The Star investigation. The incident has been labelled an act of terrorism.
Reacting to the incident, according to Government Spokesman and Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary; “The Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces ordered right from New York, where he is taking part in the 72ndsession of the General Assembly of the United Nations, that special measures be taken by Defence and Security Forces, to strengthen the security of persons and property and that special provisions be put in place so as to ensure greater security of schools 24hours a day”.
Under the coordination of the Governor of the North West Region H.E. Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, a Crisis Committee made up of administrative officials and Defence and Security Forces, has been set up to assess the situation. Condemning the bomb attacks, the Governor warned that those behind it will be fished out by all means.This brings to total, three bombs detonated in Bamenda in the past three weeks. On September 21, there was a bomb like explosion near the SCDP petrol depot at Mbopi, Douala which the Governor described as a terrorist act and vowed to crack down on the perpetrators.
It should be recalled that on the heels of this recent explosion are the burning of the dormitory of the Sacred Heart College of Mankon which occurred on September 16 and an explosion of a device targeting peace keeping patrol at Mobil Nkwen on September 11, all in Bamenda.
Also to be noted is on August 2 and 3, 2017 the services of the Regional Delegation for National Security of the North West in their control operations arrested five individuals in the town of Mbengwi, Momo Division, which led to seizure of a huge military arsenal comprising semi-automatic firearms, night vision equipment with lazer rangefinder, glasses and other armed devices.
Going by government, reports and investigation established members of the commando arrested were preparing to carry out attacks against the Defence and Security Forces, military officials and administrative authorities. Notwithstanding, strong measures have been taken to reinforce security and prevent any destabilisation move, said Issa Tchiroma.
Amidst all these, the government is making a clarion call on the people to cooperate fully with Defence and Security forces to eradicate the new “terrorist” peril and the government has stated its ever resolute stance to “fight by all means until its final extinction”, government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary told Journalists at a press briefing.

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