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Cameroonians can now earn valid University degrees through work experience

26 September 2017 No Comment

Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga

By Ashu Manfred
Experience they say is the best teacher. It is against that background that Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga in a press briefing with pressmen in Kumba on Thursday September 14, 2017 introduced to them someone can earn valid and recognized university degrees through work experience.
Addressing the pressmen Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga, University Lecturer and Journalist said it is a pleasure for him to introduce the programme first to his colleagues to stand by him.
These degrees which entails no return to school, no more exams, no research, no thesis, defence and no travel are from accredited and recognized French University in France and that the programme is all done through the French legal procedure called La Validation des Acqiusde’l’Experience (VAE) or in English “The Validation of Acquired Experiences”
The degrees, Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga continued are the same as those acquired through the traditional method of classroom study, exams, projects and thesis “Through VAE, three years of work experience = One year of full time university studies he explained.
He went on to explain that it is the Ecole Superieure Robert de Sorbonne® named after the Founder of the Sorbonne University in France, when its own founders thought of starting such an Institution of Higher Learning they sought authorization from the French government to name the institution after Robert de Sorbonne and were granted authorization.
He explained that a French law passed on August 23, 1985, authorized people with work experience to ask for Diploma equivalence, adding that the law was mostly for professional degrees. “This significant change came with the “Loi de modernization sociale” dated January 17, 2002 that specially authorized Universities and other institutions of Higher Learning to grant the standard degrees BTS, DEUG, Licence, Maîtrise, DES,DESS, Masters, Mastraire, Doctorate, etc”.
After the history, Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga also talked about the legal background, the evaluation procedure, disciplines offered, value of VAE degrees recognition by the French. Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga is the representative of Ecole Superieurer Robert de Sorbonne for West and Central Africa.

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