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Millions march for Ambazonia in South West/North West: Mass Protests Shock Gov’t

26 September 2017 One Comment

By Mbong Peter
The clarion call for mass protests in all the Divisions of the two Anglophone Regions of Cameroon by the Southern Cameroons Governing Council has shocked the government as millions of English-speaking Cameroonians passing for Ambazonians flooded the streets in unshakable show of numerical strength against the government they

Mammoth crowds in the streets of English-speaking Regions

accused of marginalization and deprived treatment and neglect.The mass protests that took place on Friday September 22, 2017, meant to coincide with President Paul Biya’s address at the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations saw m

Mayor Ekema defends self with gun in hand at his residence, Buea

en, women,children in major towns and villages across the South West and North West Regions carrying placards, Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia flags,whistles and flags, chanting liberation songs and singing the Ambazonia anthem.The turnout that was unusually very huge was described by many as never seenin the annals of English-speaking Cameroon.
Men, women, youngsters, educated and uneducated flooded the streets in peaceful demonstrations calling for the release of Mancho Bibixy and other Anglophone detainees in various detention prisons in the country. They complained of Anglophone neglect and assimilation with some of them calling for outright secession from L

Takumbeng display in Bamenda in protest

a Republique du Cameroun.
Protesters started gathering as early as 7 a.m. in various locations and after enough steam, they started marching the streets with SDOs, DOs, Chiefs’ Palaces and Security Offices targeted for messages delivery. They protesters had a common message, “No violence, freedom”, demanding for the liberation of Southern Cameroons by what they called occupational forces.
In Limbe, the match turned ugly when two boys were shot, one on the head and the other on his back during a confrontation with police and gendarmes when the protesters tried to storm the police station and release their comrades who had been arrested that morning. The young man with head injuries died on the way to Douala for medical attention.
In Buea, security men accompanied the protesters as they marched the streets that ended up with the burning of a building, a car and mounting of road blocks after they were stopped them from climbing to the Governor’s office. The now irate protesters did not stop there, they headed for Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge’s residence and vandalized the building with king side stones, smashing cars, windows and a lot more. His security was manhandled by the angry population in their hundreds. The Star gathered that the helpless Mayor corked his gun and pulled the trigger to scare protesters when security operatives delayed in coming to his rescue but the destruction on his property continued unceasing. Eyewitness account told The Star that Mayor Ekema has lost some millions in the aftermath of the attack on his property.
When the security operatives finally came, they dispersed the protesters with rubber bullets and teargas as the stone throwing protesters remained unperturbed. Before the end of the protests, a youngster was killed. Protests held in Mutengene, Tiko, Ekona, Muyuka, and vehicle owners plying the roads were ordered to put peace plants or tree branches on their vehicles in solidarity with shops closed
Two protesters were shot in Kumba and Mamfe during the protest that went violent. In Kendem, in Manyu Division, protesters stormed the Gendarmerie Brigade, freed all detainees, recovered their seized motorbikes and hoisted the Ambazonia flag at the brigade before leaving. Other protests were reported at Nguti, Mbonge, Ekondo-Titi, Eyumojock, Ekok,
Lebialem, Kupe Mwanenguba and Indian Divisions remained claimed with no incidents after the huge crowds marched the officers of Senior Divisional Officers, delivered their messages and left after hoisting the Ambazonia flags in some offices peacefully and without intervention. Protests held in Alou, Wabane, Tombel and Bangem, but peaceful.
North West, the political hot bed of Ambazonia witnessed the deaths of protesters in Santa, Bamenda and Kumbo. The tension in Bamenda has multiplied following the burning of Sacred Heart College, Mankon and detonation of two bombs in three weeks in the Division, injuring three police constables on guard. Protests were reported all over the Region and most of the places, violence erupted.
Before then, PHS Batibo was set ablaze, Comprehensive High School, Nkwen burnt down and a school in Kumbo also burnt down, leaving children in a world of their own with no future insight.
Most of the children have now been moved to schools in Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussam, Mbanga, Nkongsamba, Dschang, et al, because they have been forced out of schools in their places of birth or their permanent abodes. Does it really make sense forcing our children to La Republique that we so much hate? Do we know that by the time they finished school, they will be like the people we dislike and are forcing our children to imbibe their system of education, their culture and their way of life?
Refusing our children of English-speaking expression quality education in their own homeland is not the best. Where shall we have our own leaders of tomorrow if we begin by refusing our own children meaning education? Those clamouring for change are well educated and it is important to let the future generation to get educated. Our concerns have been registered, so it imperative to guarantee our children’s education.

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