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Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle: Cameroon’s unknown Journalist

5 September 2017 No Comment

By Benjamin Et-Nchenge

Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle

                                                                                      Inside the Court room
For more than 30 years Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle has played the role of national gadfly, constantly provoking larger than life leaders, and defending their victims. Stories about him, and the extravagant statements from across the political spectrum, are an indication of his wide popularity. A champion of underdogs, he often takes but on pro bono cases.
Restlessly energetic, fittingly courageous, Barrister Nico Halle displays individualism that sometimes annoys his fellow Lawyers who soon often fall in love with him, but he always enjoys deep respect for his Court performances, his often ferocious language and his legal and forensic talents. Most of Cameroon Law Reports, wherein he is a major contributor, remain part of his legacy, along with an intimidating library and an outstanding law firm employing several other Cameroonians.
Cameroon has, in the turbulence of its politics, possessed a number of beacons of integrity, who stand out by their example, even if they seldom get near political power. It is a group of heroes whose inheritance will be more treasured than that of most of the country’s politicians, and Nico Halle, a principled Christian, will be in their midst.
One may not continually agree with his submissions in every material particular, but they all bear his characteristic depth of reasoning, lucidity of expression and the wit of a sage. He takes systematic scholarship and intellectual industry to the Court room and brings out a refreshing regime of adjudicatory fidelity to the fore.
He is wise and clever, brilliant, assertive but unassuming. He knows when to interrupt an unnecessary and long winding submission and has sufficient “language power” to express self in a telling manner leaving no iota of doubt as to what may be the eventual outcome.
His training in scholarly research and rigorous study has brought with it the antecedent advantages of a sound understanding of the dogma, doctrine and doggerel of the law. Of his mastery of the law, there is no doubt. And, in his willingness to look beneath the surface of a claim or an appeal to ascertain the proper construction of issues to present to the courts, he is peerless. He finds prominence in an age of economy in the use of words – a practice which is advocated by every coach on legal style in Common Law jurisdictions.
Lawyers from all over Cameroon, and elsewhere, pay tribute to his reasoning and his erudition, and accept as a quirk his tendency to be elaborate when one word, two might have been sufficient!
In the People’s Court
Barrister Nico Halle is notably a simple man – so simple that he is known without any epithet but addressed only as NTUMFOR! I can’t recall any other Lawyer within our judicial firmament that is addressed so simply, and without any titular adornment or embroidery.
With certain ordinariness about him, he carries himself with simple gait and ordered steps. He lacks the arrogant superiority that goes with powerful men of politics in Cameroon. His arrival to an expectant crowd scarcely evokes awe. And an encounter even with a casual bystander easily reveals a man patterned to commonplace modesty.
In terms of leadership, he has so far led North West Fons as their spokesman with the best of his ability worthy of congratulation. The list of Ntumfor Nico Halle’s successes in mediation on conflicts among the Fons; and between the Fons and the rest of us, is as long as a string and very impressive so to speak.
His social welfare outlook, and scholarship to gifted underprivileged kids, will outlive him as noble acts of a compassionate leader enthused with public good. Nico Halle like very mortal has his frailties, but not a few will submit that he is a man of modest ego and good breeding.
Generally, by pedigree, Nico Halle has good reason to show off like a peacock. But he lives quietly like a dove. Before his eventful adventure into State duty space, he has been and still an accomplished Lawyer. The legal profession is not for average people. He is endowed with a sound mind.
If Barrister Nico Halle had recorded salutary accomplishments in the saddle, he has also proved himself as Cameroon’s most media friendly Lawyer. That he had in recent times emerged with over 30 distinguished awards from various media houses in the likes of Man of the Year, Excellence Award, et al
Even with the widespread media accolades and long list of other honours, the press never ceases to criticize him in the most trenchant of scrutiny. He stands as one of the most popular Lawyers in Cameroon. In a not-too-complex society where ethnicity and hatred thrive with reckless abandon, Barrister Nico Halle had remained free spirited, continually embracing his dangerous traducers and bitter foes.
A man of pleasant temperament and calm countenance, not once had Nico Halle taken sustained press criticism to heart, no matter how acidic, mischievous or malicious.
He has maintained a striking friendship with the media, exemplified by stoic tolerance, tireless goodwill and humane fatherly disposition. As a policy, he has never coerced or cornered the leadership of the press to burnish his image. He understands the media and the psychology of Journalists. One can safely say beyond adulation that he remains one of the best Journalists Cameroon never had.
In all, Barrister Nico Halle is a venerated Lawyer to be proud of in the Cameroonian judicial, constitutional and political history and certainly one that will be remembered in national annals.
While mortality is a human attribute, great men have often immortalised themselves by the sublime dimensions of their works in the service of mankind. Such is the achievement of Barrister Nico Halle that is eminently swelling the ranks of great men who are leaving indelible imprints in their chosen professions.
It is one’s personal belief that every man of purpose must not only know but live his purpose, and in a world full of garbed tributes, he faithfully writes his own tribute that no one else can ever rewrite for him.
Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle knows his purpose, lives his purpose and is writing his own tribute in his own native handwriting that will speak eloquently after him. True, he is one very remarkable personality I know. God bless.

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