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Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala deserves to rest in eternity

5 September 2017 No Comment

Late Bishop Bala

By Betangacho Lekelefac
Approximately one month that Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala was commissioned to mother earth and memories of his questionable demise still to be forgotten, the deceased is still hunted. In August 28, 2017, to the astonishment and frustration of many of the Diocese of Bafia, where the Prelate served for decades, traces of blood were found on the grave and seat of the deceased Bishop of the Diocese His Lordship Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala, ego died under unclear circumstances. Or is it his blood crying and hunting his alleged killers?
Although still to be confirmed as to what the whole drama is all about, as samples of blood have been taken to Yaoundé for examination and findings, the incident is heavily pregnant with meaning.
With or without findings, intuition will imply or propose ritual cleansing having been done on the grave of the Late Bishop Jean Marie Benoit. This comes to spur up many questions in the minds of Cameroonian who are yet to be served with justice by establishing the actual cause of the death of the Bishop, as Catholic Bishops hold firmly that the Bishop was “brutally murdered”.
What could be the reason behind the traces of blood found on the tomb and seat of the deceased? Could his ghost be after his assassins and they sought to calm down the raging spirit of the Bishop? These are only tentative questions judging from the ugly circumstances.
The Bishop of Obala Mgr. Leopold SostheneBayemi, who is currently sitting in for the Administrator of the Bafia Diocese, suspected something might have happened the previous night, Sunday August 27. Nevertheless, it is not clear whether the traces of blood were rituals carried by locals or an individual or group of individuals. It is not also clear whether his presumed murderers carried out the act.
One thing is sure, the ever present God, who neither sleeps nor slumbers is alive and by hook or by crook, if the Prelate did not die a natural death, then the perpetrators must be exposed.
Due to this disturbing atmosphere, all activities of the Church have been pushed to Paul VI Center. While waiting for expert reports to determine whether it was blood and if it was human or blood from an animal, the entire body of Christ lives in hope that Late Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala’s file will be closed and the Servant of God’s final rest in eternity.

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