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Minister Mengot to preside over MECDA General Assembly

5 September 2017 No Comment

By Ashu Manfred
Manyu elements resident in Kumba Meme Division under the umbrella of Manyu Elements Cultural and Development (MECDA) are feverishly preparing to host the Minister in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic H.E. Victor Arrey Mengot Nkongho.
The Star learnt that Minister Mengot Nkongho will be in Kumba to grace the inaugural General Assembly of MECDA that will take place at Elongo Gardens Kumba on Saturday November 25, 2017.

Minister Victor Arrey Mengot

The current President of MECDA Kumba is Hon. Agbornduku Eret. Hon. Agbornduku told The Star reporter that the decision to invite the Minister to Kumba for the inaugural General Assembly of MECDA was adopted at an enlarged MECDA executive meeting with Presidents of village and group meetings that recently took place at his SOFATI residence, Kumba.
Hon. Agbornduku Eret who since his election last year has injected new and fresh blood into the almost moribund MECDA further said that other resolutions arrived at during the MECDA enlarged executive meeting included; among others; the holding of monthly executive meetings at the President’s SOFATI residence to continue with the planning of the inaugural General Assembly; the submission of the nominal roll of various Manyu villages and group meetings in Meme Division to the MECDA Secretarial, the meeting of all Exco members, village and group meetings’ Presidents with their contributions towards the inaugural General Assembly.
We further gathered that the meeting appreciated with thanks the meticulous and judicious work of the President and the Executive, especially in the management of the association finances and its drive towards building MECDA data base.

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