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Press Release on release of Anglophone detainees

5 September 2017 No Comment

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, today ordered the discontinuance of proceedings pending before the Yaounde Military Tribunal against Messrs. NKONGHO Felix AGBOR, FONTEM AFORTEKA’A NEBA, Paul AYAH ABINE and some other persons arrested in relation to the violence committed in recent months in the North West and South West Regions.
This decision, which is in line with numerous measures already taken by the Government to address the concerns voiced by the people of the two Regions, stems from the Head of State’s firm resolve to continuously explore ways and means of seeking a peaceful solution to the crises, through the virtues of tolerance, dialogue and humanism.
The Head of State, however, reaffirms his determination to relentlessly combat all enemies of peace and progress, champions of division and criminals of all kinds who, under the guise of political demands, attempt to jeopardize the future of the country and especially that of our youths. They will be brought before the courts.
The President of the Republic commends the Defence and Security Forces for their sense of duty and urges all Cameroonians to join forces to ensure that our country remains a land of peace, stability, concord and progress.

Done in Yaounde on 30th August 2017

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh

Minister, Secretary General of the
Presidency of the Republic

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