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Government pledges support to FIFA after FECAFOOT Executive’s sacking

29 August 2017 No Comment

Minister of Sports and Physical Education Dr. Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mpkatt

FIFA President Gianni Infantino decreed order in the ranks of FECAFOOT

By Betangacho Lekelefac
The government of Cameroon through the Minister of Sports and Physical Education Dr. Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mpkatt has commended the World Football Governing Body (FIFA) for its decision to put order in the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) by sacking the Executive headed by Tombi-a-Roko Sadiki.
During a heavily attended press conference, Minister Bidoung Mpkatt assured Gianni Infantino’s FIFA and Ahmed Ahmed’s CAF of Cameroon’s readiness to host the 2019 men’s AFCON as all the structures are being put in place after the Head of State H.E. Paul Biya appointed a Committee to manage the event come 2019 recently. The Minister assures the football federations of Cameroon’s readiness and said they were alright with the decision to sack FECAFOOT executive for the interest of peace and unity in the country.
The decision that came like thunder storm shocked Tombi-a-Roko as FIFA announced it was meant to solve the protracted disagreement and litigation within the ranks of FECAFOOT. According FIFA President Gianni Infantino, the World Football Governing Body has as duty to put in place the Normalisation Committee for six months to ensure discipline and governance to stop the infighting which has gone on since 2015 when the sacked executive was elected with some contestants unsatisfied.
It was for these reasons that the Bureau of the FIFA Council on August 23, 2017 decided to appoint a Normalisation Committee for the Federation of Cameroon Football (FECAFOOT), in accordance with Art 14(1a) and Art 8(2) of the FIFA Statutes.
This decision comes in connection with the confirmation by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) of the decision of the Chamber of Conciliation and Olympic Arbitration Committee of Cameroon to annul the electoral process leading to the election of the current FECAFOOT executive committee in 2015 and following recent attempts by FIFA to reconcile the football stakeholders in Cameroon and over the current impasse to no avail.
The Normalisation Committee is assigned with the following tasks: run the daily affairs of FECAFOOT, draft new statutes in consultation with all stake holders and in compliance with FIFA’s statutes, as well as mandatory national laws, to review the statutes of the regional and departmental leagues and ensure their alignment with the FECAFOOT’s statutes, to identify the delegates of the FECAFOOT General Assembly and of the regional and departmental leagues, to organise and conduct elections of the new FECAFOOT execute committee.
In the words of Minister Bidoung Mpkwatt: “The Government of the Republic takes note of this decision which is in conformity with the basic text governing the institution and reassures FIFA and CAF of its readiness to work with them constructively for the return of serenity within the football family in Cameroon… The Government is in the same state of mind, cooperating closely for a harmonious implementation of this process”.
The manner in which Cameroonians greeted the FIFA’s message was as though the Normalisation Committee has come to suspend activities of the Cameroon football governing body, but it is not the case, as the decision concerns only the election of the executive committee and FECAFOOT will continue to carry out its activities.
The intervention of FIFA has again proven Cameroon’s inability to handle its affairs thereby necessitating external interference. Nonetheless, let’s hope that FIFA’s Normalisation Committee puts back everything in order and give FECAFOOT a fresh impetus as reiterated by Sports and Physical Education Minister; “Indeed it is time for serenity to come back within the great football family in Cameroon; it is time to turn away from endless legal procedures, divisions, accusations and other suspicions; it is time for sports; it is time for friendliness and fraternity”.
It is not clear whether Tombi-a-Roko Sédiki and members of former Executive will have the chance to return to the race after February 28, 2018 when the functions of the Normalisation Committee shall expire and elections organized.

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