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Odu Ndep: From Politician to Statesman

4 August 2017 No Comment

By Benjamin Et-Nchenge
Citizen Odu Ndep Moses, the erstwhile Mayor of Eyumojock Council is quiet, self – effacing, media-shy but dynamic. He is gentle and unassuming to the extent that he could easily be classified as a man who cannot hurt a fly. This quiet and simple disposition as a man not given to the loudness and pomposity of the average Cameroonian politician has become a defining factor in his political career. For those very close to him, Ndep believes that it is not important for one to advertise oneself. This belief, perhaps, may have been responsible for the lack of publicity of his towering achievements as mayor of Eyomojock Council in the popular Press.
Ndep’s humanism favoured an assertion of the dignity of man against the asceticism of medieval misanthropy as he took governance to the rural dwellers, which needed it most while still developing the urban centers. Given Ndep’s legendary love for his people and his capacity to hold even his political adversaries in thrall, few can behold even this quiet ex-governor and not feel a sense of shame or inadequacy. His basket–baller frame aside, Odu Ndep exudes a sure–footedness or confidence that wows. But it is his brilliance that endears many to him.
But, again, it is his vision and determination to provide comfort for his people, especially those who had never felt government presence before that is the thrust of his political philosophy. It takes an astute politician with a consuming love for his people to see the faceless antagonism of fifth columnists as a challenge and thus employ his manifest gusto to canalize all dangerous proclivities into harmless channels. The sense of energy and optimism generated by Ndep’s bold attempt to create a brave new model Council could have easily given way to disillusionment if his administration did not turn visionary rhetoric into something rather more substantial.
Of course, Ndep’s mastery of political mood-music is not to be sniffed at. But he does not blow his trumpet and would not want anyone to blow it for him. That, probably, accounts for why his Council appeared grossly under-reported during his tenure. To be candid, Citizen Ndep did not have a bad press; yet it was only those who visited Eyumojock Sub-Division when he was in the saddle that can testify to how he was silently transforming that agrarian Sub-Division to one of a select few in modern day Manyu Division. After the sense of drift that was the lot of the people in the past, it was now a refreshing change under Odu Ndep.
The administration of Citizen Ndep inspired widespread confidence. Ndep had managed simultaneously to accept much of the legacy of his predecessor while creating public excitement about the idea of real change. He was attacking excruciating poverty and underdevelopment head on.

Sassakou odu Ndep Moses

While it is impossible to articulate the cumulative magnitude of Ndep’s developmental strides in one piece, this one may actually be a convenient factual aid to the bare construing of Ndep’s staggering achievements in Eyumojock Council when he occupied the hot seat as Lord Mayor.
Besides asphalting a network of well developed closely knit roads across the Sub-Division, his administration indeed gave a face-lift to education. To accentuate his priority on education, not only did he renovate several schools across the Sub-Division, he introduced scholarship awards for indigenes to study at choice institutions. An attempt to encode some of these projects would definitely not leave the inimitable ones among the lot.
In terms of security, Eyumojock Council had zero-tolerance for cultism; the Council was the most peaceful in the country. This made it to be the first choice when it came to hosting important events like CPDM Joint Section Conferences, and you name the rest, which were annual routine. His administration set up the Elders Committee made up of traditional rulers, community leaders and leaders of thought which managed communal clashes to forestall violence.
Aside from the admirable cordiality between his administration and organized Labour in the Sud-Division despite meager financial inflow, Ndep’s capacity for prudent husbandry of resources remains a mystery. No wonder, the FEICOM’s Budget Transparency Monitoring Group at one time declared Eyumojock Council under Ndep as one of the best in Cameroons in terms of budget transparency.
Yet, this miracle cannot be divorced from the ex-Mayor’s strategic templates which included a creative facilitation of the flow of Timber Royalties into the Sub-Division’s unproductive assets to make them operational thereby lifting Eyumojocks’s tourism economy.

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