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Thieves of FCFA 36 M Credit Union money nabbed

4 August 2017 No Comment

By Johnson Akoh
The vigilant Forces of Law and Order in Mbonge Subdivision, Meme Division South West Region, July 22, 2017 arrested six bandits who previously broke into the Lobe Cooperative Credit Union and made away with FCFA 36 Million.
The theft, The Star gathered took place over a couple of months ago and the security forces have been on the trail of bandits since then. The Star also gathered the theft was facilitated by a female worker of that credit union whose boyfriend is a policeman.
The arrested persons are currently helping the security forces in their investigation. The arrests of those bandits has also brought a sign of relief to the clients of that credit union, given the incident had eroded public interest in that union.
The Star has not been able to establish whether the security collected all or part of the money from the bandits and whether the arrest of these six persons has given the security forces more clues as to how the money was stolen and the persons behind the mask.
While investigations are still going on, the bet is that such a feat could not have been accomplished with ease without the complicity of insiders, meaning some staff of that credit union.
Meantime the public, especially clients of that union, hope investigations would be carried out to the logical conclusion.

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