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EISERVI, Book Aid International harnessing children’s morality through books

4 August 2017 No Comment

By Benjamin Et-Nchenge
Children are highly impressionable beings who unconsciously take to behavioral patterns through story telling. Unfortunately, the negative influence of social media has inflamed vices which are immanent in the society today. Millennial parents hardly spend quality time with their children owing to the fast-paced work environment. Whereas, this developmental process if well nurtured exposes children to handle issues and relate better with people. Children can become better citizens if they are exposed to good literatures early in life.
The literary understanding and interaction that is shown among young peers go a long way to reveal more about their personality and part of this can be traceable to the kind of books they read. Andrew Nyenty is a shining example in this regard. This is one man involved in the act of helping children to become useful to society through books.
Andrew Nyenty, Executive Director of EISERVI, that twin with London-based NGO Book Aid International under the auspices of the programme “Inspiring Readers,” is a licensed social worker who promotes quality books that are timely, visually exciting, entertaining, educational and fun. As a librarian for several years, he has been able to tap into universal emotions of people of all ages with themes that are evident in books they supply. Teachers have often used her messages to further social awareness in their students.
The Inspiring Readers Programme executed in Cameroon is a project conceived by Book Aid International and executed in seven countries across Africa involving 52 libraries, 310 primary schools, and providing a total of 387,500 books and training 1, 034 Librarians, head teachers and teachers.
EISERVI and Book Aid International’s Programme contributes to strengthening of the education systems in Cameroon and Africa in general through the provision of basic and the promotion of reading in primary schools.
EISERVI and Book Aid International primary school books to children in 25 selected schools in Yaoundé, Limbe, Kumba, Mamfe and Bamenda have given the kids the opportunity to grow an interest and habit of reading through regular access to well-stocked Library Book Boxes of child friendly, age appropriate materials that are managed by the school and linked to a Public library which acts as a hub.
The Library Book Boxes and cupboards for each school contain 800 phonics books in class sets for nursery and lower primary; 300 books for upper primary and 100 local books. The collection also has reading aids such as posters and dictionaries which provide schools with full use of a range of reference materials for teaching curriculum subjects; books to support early grade reading in English; books for children and leisure reading during library periods. Where well-managed, these books are borrowed.
EISERVI and Book Aid International want to improve children’s life through morality. With this, they believe they can help children to conquer the challenges they face in dealing with moral issues.
EISERVI’s reasoning is that: Children need to be exposed to morality early enough to prepare them for adulthood. They want to build a society where there is trust and respect for people. Targeting this with the appropriate books involves taking them through progressive experience which plunges into good development. ERSERVI and Book Aid International recognize this and so their books are highly expository.
ERSERVI children libraries have many members, children who have started to relieve a new way to development which reflects in their ethical life. They are able to relate with words easily and develop skills to become great writers and develop in the Arts. The books are effective and are in synch with the Cameroonian literary curriculum. The libraries create an avenue for the children to be expressive and it raises their consciousness about their environment thus making the children be capable of handling the challenges even at a very young age.
It’s the believe of EISERVI and Book Aid International, that exposing children to good books at the development phase enables them to cultivate the reading habit. Their literary acumen will be outstanding and well appreciated. Having a good character is important and once children are aware of that, they can have a great life.
Children who attend ERSERVI libraries are already enjoying provided books and materials. This has opened newer vistas of knowledge and experience to them. A Library attendant at EISERVI’s children library at the Municipal Library in Limbe stated that ‘‘ERSERVI’s provided books are very relevant to primary schools and book clubs. Children who read these books learn more about themselves, and their environment. They grow in their love of reading and their confidence in learning grows. And Head–teachers, teachers and librarians as well develop a habit of reading in schools and collaborate to support children’s learning.”

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