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NUDP intensifies reorganisation of basic organs ahead of 2018 elections -National President urges Militants to enrol massively on electoral rolls

4 August 2017 No Comment

By Theodore M. Ndze
The National Union for Democracy and Progress(NUDP) has stepped up the reorganisation of its basic organs across the country to pump in fresh blood and get ready for the 2018 elections.
According to the Director of the NUDP headquarters in Yaoundé, Kuma Peter, everything is being done to catch up with the deadline set aside for the reorganisation to be completed. The Divisional Reorganizing Committees are at work for the renewal of Sections of the three wings of the party in all Sub Sections, Sections and the Executives of Divisional Federations.
The National President of the NUDP, H.E. Bello Bouba Maigari is thus calling on all militants, supporters and sympathisers and Cameroonians of goodwill to go and massively register themselves onto voter registers because the lists shall be closed on August 31, 2017.
The NUDP special congress magazine is also available at the party headquarters and in all Divisional Federation Headquarters for militants to abreast themselves with the party’s activities and its functioning. The magazine carries all the resolutions that were taken during the Sixth Ordinary Congress of the party that held in Yaoundé in February 2017.
With four elections programmed for next year alone, Kuma, who is also a Sub Director at the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure says the party is leaving no stone unturned by making sure it emerges not only solid but triumphant in the elections as it is injecting new blood into all wings of the party. That is why it is renewing its basic organs nationwide to pomp in fresh blood into the party ahead the Municipal, Legislative, Senatorial and Presidential elections.
During the sixth ordinary congress of the party last February 2017 during which he was re-elected for another five year mandate, H.E. Bello Bouba Maigari appealed to militants, supporters and sympathizers of the party to register and vote massively so that the party can win and have a stronger say in State policy and as well restructure some of the ebbing laws like appointment of Government Delegates to lord over elected Mayors.
He urged his party comrades to make use of social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and electronic address of the party to keep the flames of the party burning. He reiterated the need for constant reorganization as proof of sturdiness and productivity.
He noted that the NUDP as a party in government is saying loud and clear that its duty and the duty of all citizens are to do everything possible to consolidate this unity in diversity through restructuring.
To note that the sixth ordinary congress was taking place for the first time away from national elections, that is the National President told party officials to serenely organize themselves to implement the status requirements which demand that all the basic organs should be renewed within the months following the congress.
Just after the Congress, and after the signing of the National President’s circular to trigger and set modalities of operations of renewal of basic organs in each Sub Division, the members of the Central Committee, the members of the National Council, the members of the Executive Committee of ancillary organs, outgoing Presidents of grassroots committees, party’s elected officials, met to elect the bureau of their various sections.
The NUDP party can only be proud of such mobilization, instruments for women and the youths who constitute the

H.E. Bello Bouba Maigari: National President NUDP Party

most dynamic and most ingenious segment of the active population of Cameroon, the National President reminded them.
During the sixth ordinary congress, the youths and women were told to reorganize themselves to reinforce their abilities to mobilize and act so as to strengthen the party with this extra energy and imaginations which they alone possess.
“We shall continue to pay greater attention to militants and young militants of our party, to grant them more means for development and their integration in political decision circuits, inside the party as well as at the level of the nation. In this regard, the women and the youths of our party must be taken more and more into account during party nomination during Municipal and Legislative elections seeing to it that they are not relegated to the last positions on the list. Women and Youths shall equally be more present in the national organs of the party, notably in the Central Committee and in the National Assembly,” National President Bello Bouba assured.

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