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A gang of bandits nabbed in Mbengwi

4 August 2017 No Comment

By Michael Ndi
A gang of thieves made up of eight armed robbers well armed have been arrested by the Mbengwi forces of law and order carrying locally fabricated guns, money and phones. The thieves are currently detained at the Mbengwi Police Station.
The SDO for Wum, Absolum Monono said the gang is made up of eight bandits, ages ranging from below 18 to 35 years. He said the teenagers are those who were supposed to be in school but the current crisis of North West and South West Region caused them to be engaged in armed robbery
Here him, “There caused a lot of havoc in Mbengwi storming into most offices and attacking indigenes.” The SDO said all of them were smoking marijuana.
The SDO called on the Momo youths to go to school as school begins this September 2017 not be tempted to indulge to armed robbery. According to the SDO, some of the thieves escaped, reason why the Wum forces of law and order are on a manhunt.
The Star gathered that the apprehended gang is part of the thieves who were specialised in the breaking of micro finance offices like Credit Unions some of whom were arrested and are in prison.

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