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Regional Governors conference focuses on insecurity and ghost towns

4 August 2017 No Comment

H.E. Emmanuel Rene Sadi: Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation

By Betangacho Lekelefac
10 Regional Governors met in Yaounde last week met for their annual Conference presided at by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization Emmanuel Reni Sadi during which he called on them to focussed on insecurity in ghost town. The conference which held from July 25-27, 2017 under theme “Administrative authorities, preservation of social peace and protecting the national territory “had as top on the agenda insecurity in the respective Regions.
The conference came up following the current Boko Haram hostilities in the Northern part of the country, increased banditry operations in some Regions and the social tension in the Anglophone Regions of the country’s North West and South West Regions.
Protecting Cameroon’s territorial integrity has been key messages from Governors to newly appointed SDOs in the different Divisions especially those that share borders with other countries. In fact, security challenges have been on the neck of administrators who spend sleepless nights to solve what seems to be a difficult equation with suspected Boko Haram attacks in the Far North Region.
In the course of the Conference, Governors listened to talks and presentations which made them armed with knowledge on different fields upon leaving Yaoundé. They received a talk from the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defense in charge of the Gendarmerie on Law No 2016/15 of 14 December 2016 and the issue of illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition. They also listened to a presentation on smuggling, customs violation and its impact on the national economy and measures recommended. Protecting the national territory in the area of Information and Communication Technologies; regulating the sale possession and carrying of firearms and ammunition and protecting of refugees in Cameroon, are other domains Governors were drilled on.
Governors later took turns to present the socio-economic, political and security situations in their respective Regions. These presentations oriented Territorial and Decentralisation Minister, Emmanuel Rene Sadi to give administrative directives to the Governors.
Schools resumption and ghost town operations in the North West and South West Regions were also at the centre of discussion during the conference. Governors of the Regions involved pledged putting in their all to ensure that things return to normal in the Regions.
From knowledge gathered, it is obvious that the Governor of the Far North Region on the one hand and Governors of the South West and North West Regions on the other hand are going back with fresh impetus and strategies on how to effectively tackle Boko Haram and how to ensure social calm and effective resumption of classes at all levels of education considering the problems of the 2016/2017 academic year respectively.
Walking out from the Conference, the Regional Governors are expected to be more effective in maintaining social peace, security, fighting terrorism, particularly the Boko Haram sect and armed men as well as contribute to attainment of the country’s vision 2035.

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