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Drop in fuel sale: Petrol Stations impose mandatory fuelling

4 August 2017 No Comment

By Ashu Manfred
Henceforth in addition to the daily packing fee of FCFA 200, vehicle and bike owners would have to fuel their petrol tanks before being allowed to park their vehicles or bikes at the petrol station.
This decision by the petrol station owners we gathered is as a result of fuel glut due to existence of petrol from Nigeria commonly called ‘ZhoaZhoa.’ Though the petrol from Nigeria, also called “Funge” is considered adulterated, it is consumed by owners of public and private vehicles, due to the fact that it’s cheap.
While a litre of petrol at the pump cost FCFA 1000, a litre of “Funge” hovers between FCFA 450 to FCFA 500.
Before the institution of this unofficial decision, small vehicles and owners of especially commercial motor bikes daily paid packing fee of FCFA 200 for their cars or bikes pending removal the next day. The packing fee for trucks and other heavy vehicles differs.
With the sprouting of sale points of petrol from Nigeria and the attendant reduction of sales at the pump owners of petrol station have imposed mandatory fuelling for packing inorder to break even.
Whether the decision by the petrol station owners to impose a packing fee for vehicles and motorbikes will mitigate the drop in sales is still a matter for debate. Some of the petrol station owners, this reporter spoken to say that if the government is really interested in helping them it should bar the entry of illegal fuel from neighbouring Nigeria.

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