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Kumba Innovation Platform maps out activities for development

4 August 2017 No Comment

By Ashu Manfred
Members of Kumba Innovation Platform (KIP)last July 22, to draw up future transitional plans for that group in the area of development. The meeting that took place at the Community Development and Specialization Training School Kumba was attended by KIP members and groups from Ikiliwindi, Mbonge, Konye, Kurume, Etam and the host community Kumba.
The meeting was convened given HUMIDTROPICS, the main sponsor organization of Innovation platforms IPs in Cameroon is withdrawing in order to enable the IPs become independent to carry out their own activities.
The Innovation Platform is a new agricultural concept piloted by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA. The concept involves the cultivation of many crops on a small piece of land given most of the farm lands in Africa are being taken up by huge multi-national agricultural corporations.
In Africa, IITA decided to choose Cameroon as one of the pilot countries and HUMIDTROPICS, an arm of IITA was commissioned to supervise all the four IPs in Cameroon.
Addressing the participants, IITA (HUMIDTROPICS) representatives in Yaoundé, Tsafack Signola reminded the participants that the meeting is a follow-up of the meeting held in May to draw up future transitional plans of activities for all IPs in Cameroon, given HUMIDTROPICS is withdrawing to render the IPs independent in order to become self-sufficient to help other IPs in Africa.
The facilitator of Kumba Innovation Platform, Etchi Daniel Jones for his part, urged the participants to choose an agricultural crop that could make the IP financially independent. Before the meeting rose, the participants resolved to go into full-scale plantain cultivation.

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