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SDO Zang III urged to convene Council session to examine allegations against 2nd Deputy Mayor

5 October 2016 No Comment

By Benjamin Et-Nchenge
Fako SDO, Zang III, has been called upon to convene an extra-ordinary session of the Tiko Council to enable allegations against Second Deputy Mayor Tingong Tita Blessed be handled according to the law.



Sitting during the first enlarged district executive committee meeting, at the Tiko Council Hall last September 29, the SDF Ward Chairpersons in attendance were unanimous that ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’
In his speech, the newly elected District Chairman of Tiko Electoral District, Hon. Councilor Fai Sylvanus, disclosed that his executive had received a copy of a complaint from the old executive addressed to the SDO for Fako, signed by 33 councilors and attached with a Sheriff – Bailiff report dated January 12, 2016 whose content was of serious allegations against Tiko Council Second Deputy Mayor Mr. Tingong Tita Blessed.
“As these allegations continue to stand on Mr. Tingong Tita Blessed; so too they are on the life of the party. We therefore urge Fako SDO Mr. Zang III to convene an Extra-Ordinary Council session to enable this matter be handled according to the law.”
The District Chairman frowned on activities of disgruntled candidates in the last District Chairman elections in Tiko Electoral District who, rather than forwarding a petition to hierarchy for consideration, preferred press statements  pointing accusing fingers at the organizing team.
“We seriously condemn this type of attitude within the party. We equally condemn the aggressive attack on Hon. Councilor Mbela John Elive, Vice District Chairman; and Councilor Mukefor Denis, District Financial Secretary by the 2nd Deputy Mayor Mr. Tingong Tita Blessed in a bar,” said Mr. District Chairman.
The District Chairman equally condemned in very strong terms the attack on the First Deputy Mayor Mr. Elundu Joseph at the wake-keeping of late Pa Dikmo by one Billy at Likomba; adding that ugly incidents of this nature are likely to embarrass the party as they occasion hatred, contempt, ridicule and mistrust within the ranks.
Briefing his Ward Chairpersons of his executive’s trip to Ntarikon on Sunday, July 10, 2016 alongside Bamenda III Electoral District, Mr. Fai disclosed that they told the National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, that on or before the elections of July 10, 2016 “We witnessed a new phenomenon of politics of blackmail, backstabbing and lies telling in Tiko.”
“How can you tell us that you win elections on Sunday and someone who has not been elected Councilor shall then hand over to another person?
How can you say someone who is not a councilor, staff, shall be handed the Mutengene Market for her to manage?
How can you tell the militants that when you win party elections on Sunday, Monday morning you will pass a vote of no confidence on your mayor and in two weeks the National Chairman shall sign it and he is removed from office? Under which Law! We condemn this type of politics and say in very strong terms that it will never repeat itself in the SDF,” Mr. Fai promised.
Citing some landmark achievements of Tiko Council – construction of culverts, grading of roads as well as opening of others, buying of a front-end loader, and a new tractor, the yet to be completed banquet hall, and the new fence under construction amongst others – Fai Sylvanus said money for the Mutengene Water Project is available and feasibility studies for start of project are on course.
“It is our hope and conviction that come 2018 before elections, Mutengene, Likomba, Tiko and Mungo area should drink this water.”
CDC’s neglect of its workers did not escape the notice of the District Chairman.
“It is quite regrettable that, today, CDC workers at New Pungo which is not far from Tiko Council cannot also watch Africa Magic like their Managers because of their poor housing conditions, no electricity and other social facilities. We condemn this strongly and called on CDC management to make their workers feel like people living in the 21st Century. These are people making the money for the corporation and so should be treated as human beings,” Mr. Fai advised.

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