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Lebialem Royalty, Mayors in Rome, meet Holy Father

5 October 2016 No Comment

As Focolare celebrates 50th Anniversary in Lebialem:
Lebialem Royalty, Mayors visit Chiara’s tomb, commune with Holy Father in Rome
-Mbe Nkemnkia lauded for excellent public relations with Vatican

By Nkong Ndem Peter
A high powered delegation of Lebialem  Fons, Mayors, Notables,  Elite and followers recently visited the Vatican, Rome for two weeks as part of celebrations to mark 50 years of the Focolare Movement in Lebialem, Cameroon in December 2016.  The over 25 man strong delegation visited the tomb and the house of the Founder of the Focolare Movement Mafua Ndem Chiara Lubich who died on March 14, 2008 at the age of 88, They also visited St. Peter’s Square, tombs of fallen religious leaders, attended masses and were received by the Holy Father, His Holiness Pope Francis in a very solemn ceremony that ignited joy and happiness for the visitors. They spent time visiting holy sites, praying, and creating new friends during their stay in Rome, Italy.  img-20160928-wa0003-copypope
A  group visit by Lebialem royality and elite first took place in 2008 when HRM Fon Fontem Njifua  and HRM  Fon Fonjumetaw, accompanied by Mafua Fontem, HRH Fuaseh’ngong, Dr. Valentine Nzengung, Mbe Tazi Philip, Pauline Khumbah and many others visited Rome when the founder of the Focolare Movement Mafua Ndem Chiara passed on to glory.  Fon Fontem Njifua led a delegation for her funeral that drew a mammoth crowd of over 50.000 mourners and sympathizers worldwide.
As commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Focolare Movement, Mbe Nkemnkia Prof. Martin Nkafu, a University don in Italy with strong links in the Vatican, Rome made arrangements for the fruitful religious visit to the Holy See.  group
According to The Star Correspondent in Rome Mbe Tadongfuet George from Maryland, USA, the Lebialem delegation was made up of four Lebialem Fons led by the President of Lebialem Fons Conference HM Fon  Nguazong Nicasius of Nwangong, HRM Fon Fonjumetaw of Nwemetaw, HM Fon Foreke Asongtia of Essoh Attah, HM Fon Lekelefac Fotabong of Lewoh, HRH Mafua N. Fontem,  Ankwetta Fontem Akosem, Mafua Aka, Ankwetta Fontem Khumbah, Mayor of Menji HRH Chief Fondongawung Martin, Mayor of Alou Council Dr. Sixtus Paul  Ntemgwa, HRH Chief Fuatabong Achaleke Charles Taku, Mbe Tandongfuet George,  Ndi Asaah Fontem Tafua, Mafua Akehmbin,  Nkwetta Fuankengateh Nico Fontem, The Fons of Lewoh, Essoh Attah and Nwangong were accompanied by close aides ranging from two to five people each. img-20161001-wa0010-copy
During the solemn ceremony, Eseih dance took center stage as Ndi Asaah Fontem Tafua thrilled the religious with bechiet, while Ankwetta Fontem Khumbah took control of the melodic traditional singing as mark of royal Godliness. Moved by the inviting rhythm, Mafua N. Fontem led the rest to the dancing floor and it was really amazing.
Lebialem Fons presented a gift to the Holy Father with some of the gifts from HRM Fon of Fontem Asabaton who could not make it because of classes at ENAM. He dispatched a delegation that carried our royal directives accordingly. group2
The Fon of Akum from Santa and the Fon of  Nkar in Jakiri as well as Royal Father from Douala, Littoral accompanied by wife.
The visit was ground breaking and very successful and we immensely thank Mbe Nkemnkia Martin for all the arrangements and concern during our stay in Rome, Mafua N. Fontem told our staffer.

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