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Finance Minister denies FCFA 2.500 toll gate increase

5 October 2016 No Comment

By Theodore M. Ndze
Road users across the national territory have heave a sigh of relief after the Minister of Finance H.E. Alamine Ousmane Mey announced last week that contrary to rumour peddling being propagated across the national territory, toll gate levy will not be increased. alamine-ousmane-mey
This declaration comes after weeks of speculation to the effect that the fee would rise from FCFA 500 to FCFA 2.500 for every vehicle passing through a toll gate. A certain degree of credence was given to these rumours because of more speculation that had emerged suggesting that automated toll gates would soon be introduced in Cameroon. Consequently, many people jumped to the conclusion that maybe the government intended to increase the toll levy to sponsor this new initiative.
The announcement by the Minister of Finance has however put to rest what has derisively been described as “idle chatter”. Speaking on the national station CRTV, he declared that “information being propagated on social networks suggest an increase in the road toll which would spike from FCFA 500 to FCFA 2500. Consequently, the Minister of Finance is informing the general public and road users in particular that no increase in the amount levied at toll gates is envisaged in his ministerial department”, announced Alamine Ousmane Mey who called on all and sundry to carry on their activities peacefully and not allow themselves to be perturbed by baseless rumours.
Although the information has been greeted with relief, many road users still remain sceptical. For these people, the very fact that the government allowed the “baseless rumour” to persist for so long is suggestive of an intention to “try out the idea on the public, see how it would be received and act accordingly”. They believe that the idea has been jettisoned because of the angry reaction of the public but could once more be revived and forced on a resigned public.

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