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Nigeria not shutting down Consulate in Buea

5 October 2016 No Comment

-Nigeria Consul General

Diplomatic dust settles:
Nigeria not shutting down Consulate in Buea
-Nigeria Consul General for South West and North West

By Nkong Ndem Peter and Tambe Claire Ladi
The Consul General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the South West and North West Regions H.E. Dan Wari Nwazim has reiterated that the Consulate General of Nigeria in Buea, Republic of Cameroon will not be shutdown, contrary to earlier recommendations.  421
Speaking to The Star in his cozy office in Buea last week, H.E. Dan Wari Nwazim said when President Muhammadu Buhari took office last year, he setup a Commission to brief him on the number and functional capacities of Nigeria Diplomatic Missions worldwide and see which ones could be shutdown based on certain criteria. He said after the work, the Commission recommended Buea as one of the missions earmarked for closure.
The issue, he said was later revisited and the Buhari government changed its position and decided the Consulate General in Buea should not be closed, given its impressive historical past. What is today Buea was once the capital of Southern Cameroons, first administered by Nigeria before the Plebiscite, during which the people decided to join La Republique du Cameroun. Today it is known as the Republic of Cameroon.  dscn2795154
The Consul General said it would have been a monumental error for any Nigerian President to contemplate shutting down the Consulate General of Nigeria in Buea, host of a huge portion of the over 40.000 Nigerians living in Cameroon.
He was impressed by President Buhari`s decision not to close the diplomatic mission in Buea after fruitful discussions with the Minister of External Affairs in Nigeria who also added his voice for the mission to be graciously kept.
H.E. Dan Wari Nwazim said apart from the decision to keep the Consulate General open, it was also agreed that the status be upgraded to give it more diplomatic recognition and strength.
According to him, the Consulate General has acquired property in Buea that gives Nigeria the flexibility to contribute in the development of the Republic of Cameroon by developing some of the property for general use.
He used the opportunity to appeal to Doubting Thomases to take it seriously that the Consulate General of Nigeria in Buea will not be closed, instead it is being upgraded to higher status.  dscn279423
Earlier on, he congratulated the Vice President of the Commonwealth Journalists Association for Africa Chief Foanyi Nkemayang Paul following his ground breaking elections in London last April. He said his office has been following the developments of the Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA) with a lot of concern and interest.
During the visit, both personalities discussed bilateral and mutual cooperation between Cameroon and Nigeria that has become too close to call as citizens of the two brotherly nations no longer require entry visa. He was optimistic Nigeria and Cameroon remain intimate friends and called on all and sundry to preserve the relationship jealously at all times.
They also spoke of close working relationship and promised greater collaboration. The Consul General and the Head of Chancery at the Consulate General of Nigeria Stephen Ojo Ogidan received the visiting CJA Vice President.
Replying, the CJA Vice President thanked the Consul General and the Head of Chancery for receiving him and was glad by the kind words of welcome.  The CJA Vice President said the decision by President Buhari to upgrade the Consulate General of Nigeria, Buea was a step in the right direction, adding that it is historically very rich and carries with it a flag of fraternal love and peace.
The meeting lasted about 45 minutes.

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