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22nd International Teachers Day: MINESEC braces up for second edition of Academic Excellence

27 September 2016 No Comment

By Theodore M. Ndze
As the 22nd international teachers day draws near, the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC) is preparing for the second annual award of Academic Excellence better known in French as Palmes Académiques. minister
The Academic Palms are Honorary and Scientific Awards to promote the merits of teaching staff of the national education sector. They were instituted on December 5, 2000 following Decree N° 2000/359 of the President of the Republic on the specific status of officials of bodies of Education which provides in Article 62 that teachers justifying at least fifteen (15) years of effective service, are eligible for the Academic Palms distinction. The selection criteria of this honorific distinction include: the quality of services rendered to national education; moral integrity of the teacher; the production of works; contribution to the promotion and recognition of the teaching profession; outstanding services rendered to national education; the number of actual teaching years amongst others.
The presentation of the Academic Palms is held every year on the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day. Regarding precisely this second edition to be held on October 5, 2016, the badge and medal materializing the rank of Knight of the Academic Palms will be awarded to deserving winners. Good to know that the National Council of Academic Palms Award this year received nearly 2.437 nominations against 1.539 in 2015 representing an increase of 54.84% amongst which only 1.163 will be rewarded throughout the national territory for this second edition. It should be recalled that the grades of Officer and Commander of the Academic Palms will be opened gradually.  minister-and-group
Opening the works of the second session of the National Award of Academic Palms Council recently, the Minister of Secondary Education, H.E. Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe who doubles as President of the Council invited members of the Council to differentiate the good grains from the bad ones so that only the fine grains are rewarded and distinguished for their steadfastness, efficiency, hard work and professionalism.

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