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Senate mourns fourth Senator in 3 years

27 September 2016 No Comment

By Theodore M. Ndze
Since the Senate was put in place in April 2013, the cruel hands of death have not spared some of its members, leaving their constituencies without representation since Alternate Members have no power of succession. The unprecedented departure of a Senator started with the disappearance of Hon. Senator Fon Fontem Njifua in 2014. His departure dealt a devastating blow to the people of Lebialem as their sole representative. The all powerful HRM Fon Fontem Njifua aged 53 died on April 2, 2014. Next was Hon. Senator Francis Nkwain, 83 years from Boyo Division died on October 19, 2014. His death was shocking and alarming with mourners gnashing teeth in earnest. After Hon. Francis Nkwain, came the sudden death of a formidable University don Hon. Senator Prof. Njikong Stephen Yeriwa from Donga Mantung died on November 15, 2014 at the age of 69 years. His demise deprived his Constituency and the University of laudable services to the people.  fon-fontem-njiuahon-francis-nkwainhon-senator-stephem-yeriwadelphine-medjo
Just last week, the CPDM Senator for Mvila Division in the South Region, Hon. Senator Delphine Medjo joined three of her colleagues Senators who died some two years ago. Senator Medjo died September 22, 2016 at the Yaoundé University Teaching Hospital.
Aged 75 years, Hon. Medjo is one of the first militants of the former single ruling party, the Cameroon National Union (CNU), the ancestor of the CPDM.
Initiated in the school of political endurance-which earned her laurels, Hon. Medjo is a product of the Teacher Training College of Nkongsamba, having to her credit, several training courses abroad.
She joined politics in 1962 in Douala under the umbrella of the Cameroon Union as a militant. This enabled her to get to know Charles Assalé, then Prime Minister of Federal Cameroon while a teacher at the New Bell, Bassa primary school in Douala. She received a proposal of the Prime Minister to work in Ebolowa where there was also a great need for qualified teachers. By combination of circumstances, her father decided to also return to Ebolowa. Hon. Delphine Medjo thus grabbed the opportunity and returned to Ebolowa. Qualified in her field, she was assigned to the Adoum government primary school with everything in her favour. Former Cameroon’s First Lady Germaine Ahidjo arrived Ebolowa for the inauguration of the Ekombitié Hospital, Prime Minister Charles Assalé then asked her to remain with the then First Lady throughout her stay in Ebolowa. A companion she held to her chest throughout her stay.
She subsequently entered into the women’s wing of the CNU. During this time, she left her school in Adoum for the urban school. She then became an Advisor at the Ebolowa Council in 1969 during which her appetite in politics grew. She was elected President of the WCNU for the Ntem Division which currently includes the Mvila and that of the Ntem Valley Divisions. Muncipal Councillor for nearly 40 years, she participated in all political actions of her party the CPDM when it was born in 1985 in Bamenda.
Delphine Medjo was elected into the CPDM Central Committee and politburo in 1998, at a time when Abel Eyenga’s party was riding high in her Division. She became frustrated at one moment because she expected to be appointed into government. Later, she was appointed Regional Coordinator of the operation of enrolment for the intensification of operations on biometric lists in the South. An operation she conducted with skill, increasing her approval ratings in the party and in 2014 she became Hon. Senator.
Born in March 1941 in Douala, she leaves behind seven children, family members, friends, party militants and well wishers to mourn her.

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