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Indomitable Lions prove worth once more

13 September 2016 No Comment

By Tazanu Miriam Afuaka student Journalist
It is no surprise that the indomitable Lions of Cameroon won their two matches against Gambia and Gabon. But the feeling of joy never gets old for Cameroonians.
Cameroon vs. Gambia
On Saturday 3rd of September 2016, Cameroonians who could afford tickets to watch the football match, all gathered at the Omni-sport stadium at Ngeme, Limbe, to support their beloved Lions who played against Gambia, a qualification match for Gabon 2017. The match started at 3pm, and the first and only goal was scored by Benjamin Moukanjo, a popular player who has made a name for himself. The goal which was scored during the second half of the match from a penalty spot caused the crowd to go wild with Joy. After a few minutes, the match came to an end with the victory for Cameroon. Thus, Cameroonians who were present at the field, and those who watched at home, were all pleased at the turn of events.
Cameroon vs. Gabon
It was on Tuesday 6th of September 2016, still at the Omni-sport stadium at Ngeme, Limbe, that Cameroonians gathered once more to watch the Lions play.  This time it was against Gabon in a friendly deby. The football friendly started at 7:30pm with 4 minutes of prolongation, even though the Gambonese played very hard football and scored a goal to their favour; all the same they were no match for the Indomitable Lions who, despite the fact that it was just a friendly match, gave their all during the match and scored 2 goals. The final goal which ended the match was scored by Salli Egar, another player who has made a name for himself.
Generally, one can say Cameroonians are pleased with their football team though the players are not popular faces out of the country, but they remain popular icons in the country. People are particularly pleased with the coach because of his selection of players. For example, Mr. Ndip Tambe Robert who used to play with Njala quan club, a local team in Limbe, and who later travelled to Poland to put to effect his dream as a footballer, was invited to play in the National team. To a greater extent, one can even say this young man was responsible for the massive Limbe turn-out at the stadium since Tambe is from Limbe. In an interview with a young student from the University of Buea who had come to watch the match, Takang Clinton gave his point of view very freely as he said “according to me, The Lions have once more proven to us that we don’t waste our time booting for them. They have played extremely well and this gives me a very proud feeling of being a Cameroonian”. When asked what he thought of those who played in the Cameroonian team and how they were organized, Clinton said the coach was wise enough to bring in uprising players, thereby giving them a chance to prove their worth and make people know that the Eto’os and Songs all started from somewhere before getting to where they are today. So one starts by making a name for oneself in one’s home town and one’s country before going international

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