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Landlords begin harassment of Tenants: Revised Penal Code Under Scrutiny

Pundits want gov’t to address issue of delayed payment of bills

Demand time limit for payments to ease landlord/tenant tension

By Benjamin Et-Nchenge
Cameroonians have angrily spoken out against some offending Sections of the revised Penal Code; saying if the Head of State, Paul Biya, does not review his decision, the nation will be plunged into a crisis which many describe as a time bomb. They argue that if tenants must be given two months to pay rents or face justice, Vote holders should also be given a time limit to pay bills …

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That FCFA 50 billion BICEC theft:  Detainees in New Bell Prison  complain of harassment by inmates  -Is France involved in the illicit deal?

By Eddy Etawo
Detainees involved in a gigantic financial scandal that hit the Banque Internationale du Commerce pour l’Epargne et le Commerce du Cameroun, (BICEC), an affiliate institution of the French Bank group called Banque Populaire¬† have complained of harassment at the New Bell Prison, Douala. This scandalous melodrama followed the arrest of four senior officials of the Douala Agency and Headquarters of the bank who have been remanded at the Douala New-Bell Prison after the State Counsel of the Wouri High Court ordered the alleged conmen to be placed in …

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Rio 2016 Olympics:
Cameroon returns empty-handed after squandering FCFA 1.3 billion to cover cost
By Theodore M. Ndze
Cameroon flag bearers at Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil are back home with nothing to show for their participation at the three weeks sporting jamboree. Team Cameroon began series of elimination on the first day of the competition and doom befell the entire team.
Despite a first round win for the flag bearer that qualified him for the eight finals, Wilfred Seyi’s determination and courage was not enough to cause the tune of the Cameroon National …

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U.S. Presidential Election:  Clinton has high chances of  defeating Trump

Clinton has 80 percent chances of defeating Trump
It is nearly three months before the U.S. presidential election, but numerous analysts are now saying there is more than an 80 percent likelihood that Democrat Hillary Clinton, a former U.S. Secretary of State, will defeat Republican Donald Trump, the brash real estate tycoon running for his first elected office. 
There are 12 weeks of campaigning remaining before the November 8 election to replace President Barack Obama when he leaves office next January, along with three scheduled debates between Clinton and Trump in …

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27 Boko Haram insurgents killed in Far North stealing cows

By Johnson Akoh
27 Boko Haram militants have been killed in the Far North Region by Cameroonian troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MJTF) as they were about to cross into neighbouring Nigeria with herds of rustled cattle. The troops also arrested some terrorists in the border town between Nigeria and Cameroon. No soldier was killed in the encounter.
This information revealed by the Commander of the Regional Army Force on Thursday, August 18 said all 27 insurgents were killed after exchange of gun fire. Although Nigeria has been making headway …

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Former Mayor takes over Littoral SDF coordination after surviving Special Criminal Court trial

By Eddy Etawo
The former President of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), group of Mayors in Cameroon, John Ndangle Kumaseis not hiding his ambitions to take over co-ordination of the SDF party in the Littoral Region. The battle now becomes fierce as incumbent coordinator, Jean Michel Nintcheu, though suspended for serious political misdemeanor, still premises to succeed himself in the position. The converted post is not only contested for by Nintcheu and Ndangle, Celestin Njamen, is another protagonist. He is SDF municipal councilor of the Douala I council. He has equally …